SQL Parameters

🔢 What are SQL Parameters ?

Using SQL parameters you can create dynamic queries based on either static parameter values or ,thanks to ngSurvey's piping features, create dynamic parameters that will get their values from respondent answers, querystring or system settings.

In the example above the @CompanyId tag will be replaced by the value of the SQL Parameter that matches his name.

To use a SQL parameter inside your SQL query you have to prefix the parameter with the @ char.

🔅 SQL Parameters properties

  • Parameter name Name of the parameter that will be replaced in the sql query. Do not include the @ chart in your parameter names as its already added by ngSurvey at runtime.

  • Parameter value value of the parameter being replaced. The parameter value can also be piped using either a static value or dynamic piped value.

Piped answers are piped in real-time in the parameter value as such you may use this feature to achieve cascade (parent/child) relationship between several lists.

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