Offline Survey

📵 What are offline surveys ?

Using the offline survey data collection features you can collect respondent answers from any location without any network connection. All responses that you collect offline are stored locally on your browser and can be uploaded back as soon as you get back a working online connection.

Offline data collection only requires a browser on the device that will be used to collect responses. There is no need to download or install any separate application on your mobile device or tablet.

🔅 Offline properties

  • Auto upload respondents when online will automatically any respondents that has been collected offline and stored locally on the browser's device.

  • Respondent manager allows to view and modify offline collected responses that are stored on the browser's device.

  • Thank you page restart session button shows an extra button on the thank you page that allows to restart the survey to collect further offline responses.

If you would like to set a timer upon which the survey will automatically be reloaded you may do so from the kiosk settings page.

⚠️ Offline Limitations

Due to the fact that the survey must work without any network connection following limitations apply to surveys running in offline mode. Note that these limitation will only apply if you use the offline link, your survey will work as usual if you use the web deployment link.

  • No dynamic SQL types.

  • No security, however for security reasons a login is still required to upload offline respondents.

  • No security items.

  • No panels.

  • No file uploads.

  • No URL redirection.

  • No tasks.

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