Setup multi-languages

To enable the multi-language feature on a survey you must fist enable one of the multi-languages mode and select the languages in which your survey will be available to.

Once you have selected the survey languages you may start your translations by selecting one of the languages in either the survey designer's language dropdown list or using at any time the language toolbar.

The system language is the default language in which the survey has been created and is being edited. The built-in system language is by default English, if you want to run a survey using multiple languages without the default English language you have to set the System language to one of your survey selected languages, this will remove the default English language from the list.

Once you have select your language you may start the translation of your survey question and answers.

🧙 You may also use the auto translate feature to automatically translate all the question and answers texts.

🔅 Multi-language properties

  • Survey language Language in which the survey runs. setting this feature will use the selected language for the survey footer button's text and error message.

  • Multi-language mode defines from where language code will be picked from.

    • Language list will show a dropdown list to the respondent to let him choose the language. You may also use the language selector answer type anywhere in your survey to let the respondent chose his language.

    • Query string will pick up the language code from the querystring.

    • Cookie will pick up the language code from a cookie.

  • System language is the default editing language in which the survey is written in, the default system is English.

  • Enabled languages select in which languages this survey will be available as.

If you want to run a survey in just one language that is not english you may just set the survey language to the language of your choice to have the survey items like buttons and error message displayed in that language. There is no need enable the multi-language mode if your survey is running only one single language.

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