Question Properties

Each of your question can be customized using on of the following properties that can be access using the edit icon on the question toolbar shown on the selected question.

📰 Show question header

Allows you to display or hide the question text for cases where you only need to show the question's answers. This feature could be used for example to to make 2 separate questions look as if they were one by hiding the question text of the 2nd questions.

➖ Horizontal layout

Will layout your question's answers horizontally instead of vertically. You may also set the maximum of columns for your horizontal layout using the Max. horizontal layout columns property.

If the max. horizontal layout columns property is set to auto your horizontal layout will automatically switched back to vertical if the respondent's device screen is too small to fit all the answers in a single row.

✅ Multiple selection

Will switch the selection based answer types of your questions from radio buttons to checkboxes to let the respondent select multiple answers.

If your questions allows multiple selection you may also define the Min. selections and Max. selections allowed answers to define how many answers the respondents must select.

🎰 Randomize answers order

will randomize the answers display order while taking the survey. Answers can be randomized "By Order" which will show the answers in a random order or can be randomized "By direction" which will revert the answers display order.

🔘 Selections as buttons

Renders a set of buttons for selection based answers instead of radio buttons and checkboxes.

🚥 Rating

Enables the question with rating features to let you set rating values of each of your selection based answers.

☑️ One selection per row

Will enforce the selection on matrix type questions of one selection only per column instead of the default one selection per row setting.

🔠 Flow next action text

Is the text that will be displayed to the respondent in the "next question" button once he can move from one question to another in single question flow enabled surveys .

🔠 Flow submit action text

Is the text that will be displayed to the respondent in the "submit" button in single question flow enabled surveys .

📋 Pipe alias

Is the alias that you can use in the piping tool to dynamically pipe the answers that were answered by the respondent.

📊 Reporting alias

Is the alias that will replace the question text in reporting and exports if the use report alias in reports or exports has been set.

🎨 CSS class

Let you specify a custom CSS class to customize the design / layout of the question.

🔁 Repeatable sections

Let the respondent duplicate the question while taking the survey. Repeatable sections cannot be used if the question is part of page with looping enabled.

🔢 Constant sum to each

The total sum of all the constant sum answers that the respondent must reach. This property is only available on constant sum questions.

📜️ Answers sort order

The default answer sort order for list based questions like Dropdown or Autocomplete questions is the display order of your answers, this may be an issue in multi-language surveys where answer labels can be different from one language to another. In such a case you can set a custom answer sort order, this sort order will be applied independently for each language.

☄️Soft validation

Soft validation will generate a warning for respondent if a mandatory question has been left unselected. The respondent may choose to either select something on the question or submit the survey as is or proceed to the next page.

🔤️Fields label position

Will override the global survey property on how the field labels should be positioned either inside the fields, on the side or above the fields.


Allows you to define some helper text that will display has tooltip icon that will display your help text on mouse hover.

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