Capture value from query string

In this walkthrough you will see how to capture a value from the browser's querystring and store it along the respondent answers in a hidden field.

🕵 Hidden answer

  1. At the left menu of the Form designer.

  2. Switch to the Answers tab at the top of designer menu.

  3. Choose Hidden answer.

Place the hidden field answer inside of any existing question. It will stay hidden and won't be seen by respondent.

👔 Capture value from query string

  1. Choose Properties in the tool bar on the right of the Hidden answer line

  2. Go to the Pipe source at the end of the Default text value line.

  3. Insert Variable name at Querystring variable value

  4. Press Pipe to set the settings.

5. Set the querystring name and value and append it to the survey deployment link

6. Once the respondent has submitted his answer you can view the captured value from the respondents report grid.

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