Style Editor

The style editor is the heart of the style editing process and is composed of 4 main sections to help you design your style.

  • Style let you set the general properties of the style like its name, colors or header image.

  • Theme let you define the general theme with its colors, fonts and overall look that will be applied globally across all the form elements.

  • Elements let you customize individually in a user friendly way the design of your form elements.

  • CSS gives you complete control over the design and layout of the style as you can use plain CSS code to define all the details of your style.

All changes that you make during the editing process are applied live to the survey on the right allowing you to see right away if your style looks good or bad.

💻 Target devices

As respondents can take your survey various devices you may need to adapt the design to match a specific device. Using the target device you can preview and edit your style for a specific device.

💢 Previewing errors

Enabling the preview errors property will display all the error messages that would normally show up in your survey. This will allow you to define and preview the style of the error messages while editing your style.

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