Data Access

🔑 What are data access ?

The data access feature allow you to create groups that will allow given users or groups to access only subsets of data that you have collected.

By default when you share the survey administration section (design, reporting) with other users all the data is available to other users accessing your survey. Using the data access features you can create groups with rules that will define what data can be accessed by which user or group. This way you can share the reporting options of your survey with multiple users and allow each user to see and work on a subset of the data that you have collected without seing any other data.

Adding a data access group

To add a new data access group you have to define the group name and rules that will be used to filter out the respondents.

In following example we have a survey that collected from the respondents their region. If you wanted to share only the results of Europe with other users when they access the reporting / data export features of your survey.

Once you have created your data access group you can assign any user or group having access to the administration section of ngSurvey.

Once you have granted the access rights to the users to your survey they will only see the respondents that are matching the rules that you defined for them. In the example below the user or groups assigned to the "Europe" data access group will only be able to see the respondent matching the rules of that group and not any other respondent that participated in that survey.

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