Editing an Answer

✒️ Editing the answer text

To edit an answer label text you may click on the answer text label and edit the text. Modifications will be saved as you type.

🚀 Answer actions

  1. You may check the box to make it mandatory if the answer is a text based answer type like a field.

  2. Pipe a value into the answer label text.

  3. Use an image from the media gallery instead of the label.

  4. Deletes permanently the answer.

  5. Move the answer using drag / drop to another position.

Deleting an answer with also delete all the respondent answers that were given for that answer. This operation cannot be reversed. Note that for safety the question is first moved to the form trashcan from where you can still recover it as long as it has not been wiped.

🏃 Moving an answer

You can move an answer position within the same question using either the editing space tree.

or using the drag icon of the answer actions.

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