Invitation Message

📃 What is an invitation message ?

The invitation message is the message that each recipient will receive to take the survey. You may fully customize the invitation message using the rich text editor. You may also pipe into your message dynamic values like panelists attributes if you're using the panel member distribution feature or even embed a question into your message.

You are only allowed to change the sender email and name if your account has the change mailing recipient right assigned to it.

Invitation message cannot be edited anymore once the campaign has started.

🚀 Invitation message actions

  1. Chose a question to embed into your invitation message.

  2. Select among pre-created invitation messages templates.

  3. Insert an image from the media gallery.

  4. Pipe a value into your message that will be replaced dynamically while sending the message.

  5. Sends the current edited message to your account's email for preview.

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