You can manage all the ngSurvey users using the user management interface

The user management interface let you

  1. Create new users

  2. Edit existing users

  3. Set roles for the users

➕ Creating a user

To create a new user you may click Add new user

User cannot self register, you have to create their account manually.

🔅 User properties

  • Username Username ,must be unique across all users

  • First name First name of the user.

  • Last name Last name of the user.

  • Email Email of the user.

  • Mobile phone number Mobile phone number of the user.

  • Password Password to login.

  • Language Language used for the administration interface.

  • API Key API key to use the REST API.

🧙 The First name, last name and email are used as a sender for email campaigns and email related tasks.

The mobile phone number is used as a sender for the SMS phone campaigns.

❌ Deleting a user

Deleting a user cannot be reversed. Surveys of the user are not deleted with the account, these surveys are re-assigned to the first available administrator account.

🔑 User Roles

User roles define the rights that the user will have within the administration section.

The administrator right will grant the user all the rights and also give the user access to all the surveys.

Assign all surveys will grant access to all surveys that were created within ngSurvey without the need of giving full administrator rights.

🔒 Account lock out

After 10 failed attempts to login ngSurvey will automatically lock out the account for 5 minutes. You can configure the number of failed attempts and lock up delay using following environment variables.

  • NGSurvey:AccountLockoutThreshold is the number of allowed failed attempts

  • NGSurvey:AccountLockoutDuration defines in minutes the delay before the login process can be started again.

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