Using a campaign with MailChimp

In this walk through you will see how to generate and send the unique codes of the survey to invite multiple recipients

📧 Create a virtual campaign

  1. At the left vertical menu choose the Campaigns section and press Launch Campaign

  2. Label your campaign

  3. At the recipients page select Import emails option

  4. Upload your CSV file with emails

👨‍💻️ Generate unique codes

  1. Go back to the Campaigns section

  2. Choose the campaign to work with

  3. Go to the Pending page

  4. Press Export all, to create a CSV file with unique codes to your survey for each recipients

The unique codes are generated automatically once you have launched the campaign and bonded with the recipients emails

  1. At your MailChimp account go to the Audience dashboard and choose Import contacts from the Manage Audience dropdown list on the right

  2. Upload your CVS file emails, link and unique codes

  3. Press on the header of the column and choose to Create a new field to edit and tag the codes or links

✈️ Start the MailChimp campaign with the ngSurvey

  1. Go to the Editors page of the Email templates

  2. In the toolbar, on the right of the editors page, press Merge Tags

  3. Select the tags of the survey link and unique code

Choose place in the message where you prefer to perform the merged tag before selecting the tags

After launching the campaign via MailChimp, each of the your recipients will receive an email with the survey link and unique code to access your survey.

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