Pages allows you to group your questions in a page, each page you may also setup each page to be dynamically shown to the respondents based on skip / hide logic and branching rules. Using page looping you can also create looping survey where the respondent can dynamically duplicate the same page based on its answers.

There are no limitations on the number of pages that you can have however in order to get a higher response rate we recommend to keep your surveys short.

➕ Adding a page

You may add a page either at the end of the survey using the Add page button from the editing space survey tree.

Or you may also add a page anywhere in the middle of the survey before a selected question using from the question toolbar.

❌ Deleting a page

Deleting a folder will delete and all the questions on that page and any related respondent answers. This operation cannot be reversed.

🔅 Page properties

You may access the page properties from upper right the page navigator.

  • Page title Display name of the page. The title will also be used as the page tab title if you have enabled the page navigator.

  • Randomize question order shows the page questions in a random order to the respondents.

  • Page disabled page will not be displayed to the respondents.

  • Show submit button respondents will be able to either go to the next page or to submit their answers from that page.

  • Dead End will remove the header and footer of the page to forbid any action on the page. Dead end pages can be used in cases where you want to disqualify respondents but not save any answers or data related to them. You could for example have a question like : How old are you ? In case the respondent answers less than 18 years you may redirect him using branching to a dead end page with a static question text to end up the survey.

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