Panel Views

👀 What are panel views ?

Panel views are subsets of your panel members that you can define using a set of rules. Once you have created a subset of your panelists using a panel view you could reuse it for example to create targeted mailing invitations or to filter out your survey results based on the panelists that are part of the view.

➕ Adding a panel view

To add a new panel view click on the New panel view button of the Views section.

  1. Total panelist count that are part of the view. You may also view the panelists of this view by clicking on it.

  2. Condition rules defining what panelist should be included in this view.

🚀 Panel view actions

Using the 3 dots button you can trigger some quick actions to manage your panel view.

  • Delete the panel view. Deleting a view will not delete any panelists from it.

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