IIS SMTP / Exchange Server

For large email sending requirement you can setup ngSurvey to use an IIS SMTP relay server or using your Microsoft Exchange Server. Instead of connecting to your mail server, which can be an expensive operation, ngSurvey will directly write all outgoing emails directly into the target IIS SMTP / Echange Pickup folder.

🔅 IIS / Exchange properties

  • Pickup directory path path to the Pickup directory of your IIS SMTP or Exchange Server. You can use a network path.

  • Restrict globally to one sender if enabled it allow us to specify one email and name that will be used for all email sending processes within ngSurvey. If activated ngSurvey will only use the email specified and will not use anymore the user account email and wont allow the user to enter any email for any of the email features like campaigns, tasks.

If you are using a network path make sure to grant access to this path to the user used for your IIS application pool.

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