Rich Text Editor

The rich text editor allows you to edit and format your texts and gives advanced users a way to use their own HTML code in their texts.

  1. Source let you edit the raw HTML code of the text.

  2. Media gallery let you select an image to insert from the media gallery.

  3. Pipe tags let you insert a pipe tag into your text.

  4. Aligments let you justify or align the text from left, center or right.

  5. Formatting let you format the background and font colors.

  6. Fonts let you define a font family and define a size for your text.

  7. Remove format removes any format from the text and revert it back to a plain text.

🔠 Rich text editing of questions texts

The default view while editing question's text is a plain text view, to enable rich text editing features you have to display the rich text editor on the question's edition toolbar.

If you would like to change the style of your questions texts globally on your survey you may do so using the style editor.

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