Update / Upgrade

Before any upgrades Make sure to check that your maintenance date is later than the release date of the version of ngSurvey you wish to upgrade to. You may find your current maintenance date in the Configuration / About section of your setup. Also make sure to backup any existing files including database before proceeding with the upgrade process.

In order to update an existing installation of ngSurvey you may follow these steps

  1. Download the latest release from here.

  2. Make a copy of the web.config of your IIS ngSurey folder and backup your database and files.

  3. Delete all files in your existing IIS ngSurvey folder.

  4. Unzip the new release downloaded in step 1 to your IIS ngSurvey folder.

  5. Copy back the web.config to the IIS folder that you have backup in step 2.

  6. That's it your ngSurvey has been upgraded to the latest version.

Once you have replaced all the files ngSurvey will automatically upgrade your ngSurvey database that is configured in your web.config.

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