Auto reply type

Questions with auto reply type enabled will automatically choose the right type of answer to accept as a text entry. ngSurvey will check the first answer type in your question and based on this type choose how to handle the reply of the respondent.

The auto reply type option comes in handy when you have a single survey that needs to run at the same time on the web and as a conversational survey.

🔘 Selection based answer

For questions with single choice selection based answers ngSurvey will provide a number based reply choice to the respondent.

For optional questions ngSurvey will add a "None of the above" answer to let the respondent skip the question without answers.

🔠 Text answer

If your question has a text based answer ngSurvey will ask the respondent to enter free text in his conversation.

📁 File upload answer

If you're question collects files from the respondent using the file upload answer type ngSurvey will ask the respondent to upload a file in his conversation.

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