👥 What are panelists ?

Panelist are members of your panels which are either linked to an external data store like for example a SQL table or which are created locally using ngSurvey panel management features.

You may manage and view all your panelists using the panelists grid. You may click on the panelist row to edit the panelist of your choice and its attributes values.

  1. Add a new panelist to your panel.

  2. Search through your panelists.

  3. Refresh the grid with the up to date panelists list and data.

  4. You may sort your panelist using their attributes and you may also select another attribute to be displayed in your grid.

The panelist id is a uniquely generated value to identify the panelist in the panel.

The source uid is the unique value that references the panelist in the connected data store. In case of the SQL panel connector the source uid is linked to the primary key of the connected table.

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