Creating New Type

While offering a wide range of answer types there are times when you might need to build your own answer type to meet a specific business case. ngSurvey allows your to create new answer types with or without programming knowledge.

You may create following types of answer types.

  • Custom fields with your own custom javascript validation code.

  • Data source lists of items to create lists that are build using a collection of text / value based items. Those lists can be build either from scratch or you may re-use existing data from a JSON REST API endpoint or from a Microsoft SQL Server database table.

  • Widgets to create a powerful javascript, html and css based answer types. Using widgets you may develop almost any kind of functionality that you would miss in ngSurvey to collect data.

➕ Adding a new answer type

To create a new answer type you may click on the + icon to open the answer editing interface to add your type.

New answer types can only be used and seen by the account that creates them.

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