Token and Querystring

By default a token entry user interface will be shown to the respondent to let him enter his unique code before he can access the survey. There are however cases when you might want to make the token value available to the survey without having to ask the respondent to enter manually his code. The token security item can automatically retrieve a token value from the browser query string provided that you have set the Token source variable name. As an example if you would have set the in the token security properties its Token source variable name value to mytoken then you could append to the publish url of your survey the token value of your choice as new query string

In the link above the token value tokenvalue will automatically be extracted from the query string mytoken variable and used by the token security item to log automatically into the survey.

Tokens can also be used in email campaigns invitation message links using the email invitation pipe tag [[--invitationtoken-], this tag will be replaced automatically during the campaign sending by one of the available token.

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