Database Connector

🔃 What is the Database Connector ?

Using this connector we can connect our panel to any table with a primary key or any view available in any databases like SQL Server, Oracle, Postgres, MySQL or MariaDB.

Using the database connector you could for example connect an existing customer table from your database to ngSurvey and then re-use the information you have about these customers within your surveys.

➕ Adding a Database connector

To add an ngSurvey connector you may click on the New panel button on the panel management screen and select either the Database Table Connector or the Database View Connector.

A primary key is required on the table you wish you to connect to and this primary key column will be automatically mapped to the source uid column of your panel.

🔅 Database connector properties

  • Database connection string connection string to your database.

  • Table to connect to the panel table of your database that will be used for your panel. Your table needs to have one primary key.

  • Table columns to syncronize columns of your table that will be used as attributes.

  • Sync mode whether or not the data synchronization of the table will be triggered manually from the panel information box or automatically.

  • Data sync type what changes from the table should be updated after the panel has been created and its data synchronized the first time.

    • Add will add new entries from the table to the panel.

    • Update will update any changes from the table to the panel.

    • Delete will delete any deleted row from the table to the panel.

  • Connector source update mode how the data updates within ngSurvey will propagate to the connected table.

    • After approval requires you to approve any changes done before these are getting pushed back to the table.

    • Live link updates immediately the table with any updates done on the ngSurvey side.

    • Not allowed no changes or updates will be pushed back to the SQL table.

  • Source synchronization intervalminutes after which the table will be synchronized again if the sync mode is set to Automatic.

Supported Panel Connector Modes

  • Read Allows to synchronize structure and data from a table or View.

  • Update Allows to update existing data in the connected table.

⚠️ Known Limitations / Issues

The database Connector has some limitations listed below.

  • One primary key, only table with a single primary key are supported at this time.

  • Its not possible to add new columns for synchronizing once the panel has been created.

🔢 Supported SQL Server Types

Following SQL Server column types are currently supported for synchronization.

  • bigint

  • int

  • smallint

  • tinyint

  • bit

  • decimal

  • numeric

  • money

  • smallmoney

  • float

  • real

  • datetime

  • smalldatetime

  • char

  • varchar

  • text

  • nchar

  • nvarchar

  • ntext

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