Security Items

Each security item provides a unique functionality to restrict access to your survey. You can add multiple security items to your survey that will be evaluate from top to bottom until all security items have been authenticated.

The respondent needs to pass all security items checks to access the survey.

Adding a security item

To add a new security item to your survey you may add any of the available security items

🔅 Managing security items

  • Enable key provider will set the security item as a key provider.

  • Ignore archived will skip any archived respondent for his authentication checks.

  • Logging will log any failed / success from the security item in the survey activity log.

  • Enabled if the security item is enabled is will require the respondent to pass its security checks. You can disable the security item to disable its security check

😩 Failed authentication

You can trigger specific actions if the respondent fails to authenticate all security items.

  • Display thanks you message redirects the respondent to thank you message page.

  • Hide survey will show a blank page.

  • Show custom message shows a custom message to the respondent.

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