Editing a Question

✒️ Editing the question text

Editing a question text can be done very easily by clicking on the question text.

🔨 Edition toolbar

The edition toolbar gives you a quick access to the main editing features of the question. It allows you also to move the question position using drag/drop.

  1. Add a new question after the selected question

  2. Enable the rich text editor.

  3. Insert an image from the media gallery.

  4. Pipe a pipe tag into the question's text.

  5. Sets a preset style on the question to change the question styling.

  6. Delete the question.

Deleting the question will also delete its answers and also all related respondent's answers to that question. This operation cannot be reversed. Note that for safety the question is first moved to the form trashcan from where you can still recover it as long as it has not been wiped.

🧙 You may press the enter or the del key to confirm the delete inside the confirmation screen.

🚀 Edit actions

you may click on the 3 dots to open the question actions.

  • Insert page break inserts a new page before the selected question.

  • Clone creates an exact copy of the question.

You may also customize each question actions using it actions footer.

  • Required will require the respondent to select one selectable answer (radio or checkbox) on the question.

  • Enabled will display the question if enabled and will keep it hidden to respondents if its disabled.

🏃 Moving a question

You can move a question position within the same page or to another page using either the editing space tree.

or by dragging the edition toolbar.

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