Import / Export

➡️ Exporting languages

You may exports all the questions and answers labels into an open JSON formatted file to send it to your translators and then once you get back the translated version from them re-import it back in the target language.

The JSON is a collection of all the question answer labels, you translators only need to translate the text part on the right. You can edit the file using any kind of text editor.

    "MBoLd8DWsel_jpZW5fWa$3": "<p>Do you own a watch of&nbsp;[[watchmakers]]</p>\n"
    "MBoLd8DWsel_jpZW5fXa$1": "Yes"
    "MBoLoPBG4gguf3NSthma$1": "No"

Do not modify any of ids of the right as this would break the import.

⬅️ Importing languages

You may re-import an exported JSON file from the import interface and select the Import as target language in which the file will be imported.

Importing will overwrite existing translations in the target language.

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