AWS Elastic Beanstalk


NGSurvey can also be deployed under any AWS EBS stack in just a few minutes using one of the following installation link depending if you choose to activate the NGINX reverse proxy on your EBS configuration or not.

In order to deploy ngSurvey under AWS you may check following step by step tutorial.

Load balancing

If you are running ngSurvey on multiple cluster nodes make sure that you enable distributed caching if you run ngSurvey on multiple server instance to share the load.

Database setup

Out of the box ngSurvey will automatically configure / create / update the database that is specified in your connection string. Note that If you run your container under AWS ngSurvey will automatically pick up all RDS connection properties. If you don't want to have ngSurvey update automatically your database you can turn off the automatic database setup by setting the environment variable NGSurvey:AutoDBSetup to false. If you prefer to do a manual database setup you may grab the DACPAC file from the container's app/database directory of the archive and follow the Microsoft SQL Server database installation procedure.

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