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👨‍💻️ What is form embedding ?

Distributing the survey using the web link or qr code will open a new page to the respondents to take the survey, while you can customize pretty much everything on the survey design using the style editor there are times when you might want to directly include the survey into an existing page of your website.

Using the form embed feature you are able to include the survey right into your website's page to make the survey look as being the same part of your website.

To embed a survey into your website you may copy / paste the Html embed code into your website's page HTML code.

If you're using an online website builder like Wordpress you may check your website's builder documentation on how to paste HTML code into your pages.

Using the completion alert task and captcha you could easily create a "contact us" form that you would embed on your website to let your customers contact you.

🔅 Embed properties

  • Form only render only the main survey page with questions and answers without the header and background of the original survey page.

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