Invite respondents to a survey

In this walkthrough you will see how to create a campaign to invite respondents to a survey

🤝 Create a campaign

  1. Go to the Campaigns ✉️ option in the left menu of the Survey page

  2. Give a name to the Campaign

📧 Choose recipients

  1. Create an email list or import existing email CVS file

If none of the properties is selected, there will be only seen the respondent answers in the database once the respondent has taken the survey.

📨 Send an invitation

  1. The unique InvitationID code will be automatically generated and placed in the message.

  2. Set a Reminder if needed

  3. Schedule the campaign: choose the starting date of the campaign and an Invitation access code expiration date.

Learn more about the Campaign Results here.

🔧 Edit/ Delete campaign

  1. To Edit, Delete or to see Campaign Batches press on the three vertical dots menu at the end of the campaign name line

  2. After campaign has been launched you can:

    1. Re-name the campaign

    2. Invite respondents

    3. Edit the Reminder option

    4. Edit the Message of the reminder

The main message of the campaign can't be edited after the campaign is launched

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