Data Attributes

Data attributes let you re-use and pipe values that were gathered or generated by the security items. You may access the data attributes of security item by clicking on the data attributes access button.

Data attributes are unique to each security item and depends on what data this security item makes available for re-use.

Some security items like the SQL Security are generated their data attributes dynamically based on their properties.

📝 Data attributes piping

In the example below you can see the invitation code security item which offers Email, UId and Phone numbers of the invited respondents.

The data pipe prefix is like an id that will let you reference the security item in your survey for piping its values. You also need to set a pipe tag to pipe in the value inside our survey, once you have setup both the data prefix and pipe alias you can pipe in the data attribute anywhere in your survey using following notation


🧙 As a shortcut you may also use and pipe the data attributes without setting their data pipe prefix and pipe tag using following notation : __dataattributeid__

Note that in order to use the shortcut notation you need to set the Save with respondent on the attributes you wish to pipe to make them available to survey.

Based on our invitation code above we could use EmailSecurity:email in one of our questions texts to pipe dynamically at runtime while the respondent is taking the survey the value generated by the invitation code security item.

You can use the pipe icon anywhere in the designer to look up pipe tags from your security items data attributes.

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