🔢 What is scoring ?

Scoring allows you to give a number of points of your choice to any of the selectable answer available in any of our questions.

The total score is calculated dynamically while the respondent takes the survey and select the scored answers. Based on the score you can change the flow of the survey of show different ending messages or get notifications using Tasks.

The total score can be displayed anywhere in the survey labels or at the end thank you page using the score pipe {{score}}

Usually scores are used by training institution to create forms for quizzes or students tests as you can know, based on the current score of the respondent, if he passed a question or not.

🚀 How to activate scoring ?

  • Scoring can be activated from your survey properties page by turning on the scored option.

  • Once activated you can set for each of your answers a score point

🧙 Scoring can be used anytime during the survey inside condition rules to show or hide questions or answers or to show a different thank you end message.

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