☁️ What is are Webhooks ?

Webhooks are a great way to post the respondent and his answers to any HTTP based API endpoint as soon the respondent has been recorded in the ngSurvey database.

🔅 Webhooks properties

  • Webhook URL of the REST API or HTTP server that should receive the post of the respondent JSON payload.

  • Payload transform template used to change the structure of the posted JSON payload into another custom object structure.

🔤 Post format

Respondent and his answers are sent as a JSON formatted payload using an HTTP post verb. The default JSON payload below can be customized using a payload transform template.

  respondent: {
    id: string;
    surveyId: string;
    panelistId: string;
    contextUsername: string
    resumeUId: string;
    resumePageId: string;
    startDate: Date;
    voteDate: Date;
    iPSource: string;
    changeUID: string;
    progressSaveDate: Date;
    languageCode: string;
    timeToEnd: number;
    validated: boolean;        
  answers: [{
      respondentId: string,
      answerId": string,
      answerText": string,
      questionId": string,
      questionAlias": string,
      questionText": string,
      sectionNumber": number
  visitedPages: [{
    id: string;
    respondentId: string;
    visitTime: string;
  dataAttributes: [{
    securityItemId: string;
    respondentId: string;
    attributeName: string;
    attributeValue: string;
  querystring: string

Encrypted answers with restricted data classification will be sent as encrypted PGP message.

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