Microsoft Azure

Deploy as an Azure web application

Required downloads

Download the ngSurvey Enterprise Edition installation archive file: ngSurvey Installation ZIP package

Make sure that you enable distributed caching if you run ngSurvey on multiple azure instances to share the load.

Installation steps

  1. Create an Azure AppService using the Azure management portal and a .NET 8 host.

  2. In the application settings page, add a new connection string called NGSurveyDB with the connection information of the database hosting the ngSurvey database. If you are using a MySQL make sure to follow also the MySQL configuration tutorial.

  3. Optional but most secure option - Azure Key vault. If you prefer to store your application settings within an Azure key vault you may set following settings in the application settings

    • KeyVault:Name is the name of your Key vault

    • AzureAd:ClientId is the client id to access your Key vault

    • AzureAd:ClientSecret is the client secret to access your key vault

    If you are running under a Linux host make sure to replace the : by a double underscore character __

  4. To deploy the package, navigate in your browser to

  5. Upload the NGSurvey zip file by dragging it to the file explorer area on the web page.

  6. Navigate with your browser to your azure site

  7. Use following default credentials for ngSurvey Email : ngsadmin password : admin

  8. Once logged in you can setup additional settings like mail servers, captcha and translation services from the System / Settings page.

  9. Enjoy a great survey tool!

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