Information Box

📈 Information box

The campaign information box gives you a quick and live overview on how your campaign is currently performing and shows during sending the percentage of emails left to be sent.

  1. Completed count of the invited respondent who submitted their answers on your survey.

  2. Opened count are the respondents who clicked on the invitation link and opened the survey in the browser but did not yet submit any answers.

  3. Read count are the respondents who read the invitation message but didn't click on the invitation link.

  4. Pending count is the total number of invited respondent who did not answer your survey yet.

  5. Error is the count of emails that did not reach the destination.

  6. Bounce is the count of emails that were bounced back and did not reach their destination.,

ngSurvey uses a small invisible image inside the invitation message to track the opened invitations as such the open count will only be increased if the respondent has enabled image loading on his email client.

🚀 Survey actions

Using the 3 dots button you can trigger some quick actions to manage your survey.

❌ Delete

Deletes the campaign without deleting any respondent answers.

📋 Edit reminders

Setup new or edit existing reminders for your campaign to remind respondents who did not take your survey yet to take part in your survey.

📦 Campaign batch

Access to the campaign batch to see the campaign's email sending / receiving status.

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