Create a Conjoint Question

➕ Creating a new conjoint question

A conjoint question will be composed of attributes and levels. The first thing to do to create your question would be to define the attributes and the levels that will be used to generate the conjoint design.

🖼️ Using images

While adding your levels you can also use an image instead of the text for your level.

🔅 Question properties

You may manage all your conjoint question properties the question properties screen.

  • Task progress let the respondent view how many tasks are left.

  • Levels layout let you choose how the levels are displayed either inside or by sides.

  • Task textreplaces the text used to display the current task count.

  • Next task button textlet you change the next task button text.

  • Conjoint success textlet you set a success text once all tasks have been answered by the respondent.

📝 Design experiments

When you are finished defining your attributes and levels you can generate the design experiments that will be used by your respondents.

🔗 Collect answers

Once you have created your conjoint question and experiments. You will be able to deploy your question as you would normally do with your survey using any of the deployment methods available to send the survey to your respondents

Based on the choice sets that you have defined each respondent will be presented with a set of tasks to accomplish. The tasks are generated based on the design experiments that you have created your conjoint question.

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