🎨 What is the style tab ?

The style tab allows you to set general properties on your style and to add a header logo that will be displayed on top of your survey.

🔅 Style properties

  • Style name Display name of the style.

  • Built in a built in style is a style that is accessible by all ngSurvey's users but that is only editable by administrators.

  • Shared let you share your style with other users. At the moment all users will have access to your style if you share it.

  • Dark indicates if you style should support dark mode. ngSurvey will switch its form designer to a dark mode based designer if the survey has a dark mode enabled style assigned to it.

🌈 Color Wizard

Using the color wizard you can select a primary color and secondary color that will be used to generated a set of matching colors for your survey theme.

The primary color is the color that will be displayed the most frequently across your survey components, the secondary color accents actionable survey components like for example radio buttons or checkboxes.

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