Survey Information

📈 Information box

  1. Current Customer Satisfaction Score, requires a Customer Satisfaction score question in your survey.

  2. Customer Effort Score, requires a Customer Effort Score question in your survey.

  3. Actual NPS score, requires an NPS Question in your survey.

  4. Respondents who completed the survey.

  5. Respondents who saved their progress but did not complete yet the survey. Saving progress requires to have the Progress Completion option enabled on your survey.

  6. Average time it took globally for all respondents to take the survey.

🚀 Survey actions

Using the 3 dots button you can trigger some quick actions to manage your survey.

️❌ Delete

Deleting the survey will first move it to the trashcan. The survey gets completely deleted from the system only when it has been removed from the trashcan or if the trashcan has been emptied.

📋 Clone

Using the survey clone you can make an exact 1-1 copy of the survey.

🚪 Close / Open

Closing the survey will prevent any respondent to take the survey.

🧙 Using the open and close date options you can automatically open or close a survey at a given time.

🔑 Access rights

A survey belongs to the user account who created it however it can also be shared among multiple different user accounts if several users needs to work on it.

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