Web Link

The web link is a unique URL link that you can use to distribute your survey by either sending the link throughs emails, by copy pasting the link on your website or through any tool or media that supports web link URLs.

Clicking on the link will open the survey page in your browser let you take the survey.

You also generate a pre-filled answers link that will pre-fill the survey answers with the answer values defined in your pre-filled link.

🙂 Friendly name

The friendly name allows you to replace the survey id reference in the link by a self defined more human readable reference. Instead of having an web link URL like : https://www.ngsurvey.com/s/MBlvux6wInDWlbdSm3la

We could define using a friendly link an URL like this : https://www.ngsurvey.com/s/f/CustomerSurvey

If needed you may add query string name / value pairs to the web link URL using the standard query string notation.https://www.ngsurvey.com/s/MBlvux6wInDWlbdSm3la?supportcaseid=12345

🔅 Web linkproperties

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