Before any upgrades Make sure to check that your maintenance date is later than the release date of the version of ngSurvey you wish to upgrade to. You may find your current maintenance date in the Configuration / About section of your setup. Also make sure to backup any existing files including database before proceeding with the upgrade process.

Upgrading ngSurvey in straightforward and works in 2 parts,

  1. The ngSurvey server files that serves the application.

  2. The ngSurvey SQL Server or MySQL, MariaDB database.

No data will be lost during the upgrade all your exiting surveys and their respondents answers will be upgraded.


You may update your local docker image with the latest image you may pull the latest image either ngsurvey/ngsurveyee (Enterprise) using the docker pull command

docker pull ngsurvey/ngsurveyEE:latest

Upgrading MySQL Docker Image to V8.4

If you are using MySQL and upgrading your MySQL docker image from a previous version to the MySQL V8.4 or above Make sure to either download the latest ngsurveyee.mysql.yml or ngsurveyee.80.mysql.yml docker-compose file or update your existing file manually by replacing following line in the yml file using any text editor:

Existing outdated command: command: ['--default-authentication-plugin=mysql_native_password']

New command to use : command: ['--mysql-native-password=ON']

Azure Web App

You may remove any previous files and copy the new one on your installation. If you're using Azure zip deploy feature this will be done automatically.


Remove all your old files from your IIS site and copy the new files to your folder. If you have set your ngSurvey settings in your web.config keep your old web.config and don't overwrite it with the new one.


You may update the AWS image to update your ngSurvey to the latest version.


If you have set the AutoDB to true in your web.config or environment variable ngSurvey will automatically update your database to the latest version. If you don't use AutoDB and automatic database upgrade features you may follow the same SQL Server database installation setup that you followed while installing ngSurvey the first time, this will upgrade the database.

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