Carry Forward Answers

📋 What are carry forward answers ?

Carry forward answers let us fully copy respondent answers to any subsequent question. Unlike text piping which is text based only carry forward answers will re-create a set of answers dynamically on the question to which they are linked to. These questions can be standard questions or matrix questions.

➕How to setup carry forward answers ?

To setup carry forward answers we have to set a link the target question that will use the selected answers to your source question. In our target question properties page we may select from which question the answers will be generated from

If we would like to add additional answers that are not part of the source question we may also add new answers of any type to our question. The linked question can be on separated pages and you can create chains as linked questions can be re-linked to other questions as well.

If there are answers that you don't want to carry forward from the source to destination you can enable on the each of the answers properties of the source question the "Exclude from linked questions".

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