Creating a New Survey

New surveys can be created in 3 different ways either from scratch, using the clone option to make a copy of an existing survey or using the import the import features to import a previously exported survey file.

📄 New blank survey

From the projects main screen click on the New survey and enter your survey name. This will create a blank new survey in the current folder, once the survey has been created you will be able to add questions to it using the form designer.

A survey can be from following type

  • Data collection Let you create questions, deploy you survey and collect respondent answers individually.

  • AI Generated Using a prompt or topic of your choice ngSurvey will automatically create using its AI Suite the survey with all the needed questions and answers related to the topic of your choice. Once created you can edit the survey and deploy it as you would normally do with the standard Data collection mode.

  • Shared session Let you create questions and deploy the survey. In the Shared session mode you can create sessions that will be shared among multiple respondents at the same time, each of the respondent being part of the same session will automatically see and share the data entered in the survey form.

  • WhatsApp Let you create conversational surveys using Whatsapp to collect respondent answers. Respondents will answer your survey questions as if they would chat with one of their contacts on Whatsapp.

📋 Copy from existing survey

Click on the survey actions dots of the survey you want to copy. This will create a 1-1 exact copy of the survey.

Respondent answers are not cloned with the survey.

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