💻 What is kiosk mode ?

The kiosk mode options allow you to setup your survey to run under browsers having their kiosk mode enabled in environments like fairs or museums where the survey will have an unknown number of respondents that will take the survey and drop out at any time.

⏳ Inactivity timer

Using the inactivity timer you can set your survey to automatically abort the current respondent session if the respondent didn't do anything on your survey for a number of minutes.

You may either silently end the session or you may also setup a warning dialog before the sessions gets automatically ended.

🔅 Inactivity properties

  • Inactivity timeout time before the survey will reset.

  • Display warning before being inactive show a warning dialog time before the inactivity time out ends.

  • Inactivity action reload the form, keep warning open will keep the warning dialog open with a restart button, redirection URL allows you to set an URL that will be called once the respondent times out.

  • Disable inactivity timer on thank you stop counting the inactivity once the thank you page is displayed.

  • Save progress on inactif will save the respondent progress. Note that it doesnt trigger "final submit", answers will be saved in an unfinished state as the respondent didn't finish the survey.

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