Completion Alerts

📧 What are completion alerts ?

Completion alerts are a great way to get or send email based notifications once a user has finished a survey. Use cases can range from receiving a list of respondent's answers to more complex scenario where we can create templates with file attachments and trigger alerts only if the respondents have answered specific answers.

🔅 Completion alert properties

  • Name of the person sending the email

  • From email email of the sender

  • To email email of the recipient of the alert message. You can send an alert to multiple recipients using the ; between each recipient.

  • Subject is the subject of the email alert.

  • Add attachments you can add any number of files .

  • Attach restricted answers attach any restricted answer as a PGP file.

🧙 You can pipe into any of the properties above respondent answers or data attribute values from security items. As such you could ask the respondent for his email during the survey and pipe that email in your completion alert task to send him an email.

📝Completion alert message

The rich text editor let you add a custom message that will be send in the body of the completion alert email.

Using the pipe icon you can pipe into your message special pipe tags that will be replaced at runtime by respondent answers.

📋 Completion alert message pipe tags

Beside being able to pipe any respondent answers or data attribute values you can also use following special pipe tags.

  • {{surveyTitle}} will be replaced by the actual survey title

  • {{respondentInfos}} will be replaced by the respondent details

  • {{respondentAnswers}} will be replaced by the respondent answers.

  • {{respondentFullAnswers}} will be replaced by the full list of answers including the answers that were not answered by the respondent.

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