Register Active Directory Users

Each Active Directory user which needs access to the administration must be registered in ngSurvey users. This must be done either manually as show below or automatically if you have enabled the Automatic access to survey in your installation.

Once registered you can setup the users as you would normally do with any ngSurvey user, you can add it to a group or assign specific roles and rights to it.

You can distinguish Active Directory linked users from other users using the Windows icon next to the username.

➕ Register a new Active Directory user

To register an new Active Directory user you may click on the Add AD user in the user management screen.

This will open a selection screen where you can find existing Active Directory users by their account name. Once you found the account to add you can select it and add register it in ngSurvey. As soon as the account is registered it will have access to the ngSurvey administration section based on the ngSurvey roles that you will assign to it.

Don't forget also to assign proper roles to this registered account as by default the account will have no rights.

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