Handing privacy is an important part of the data collection process and ngSurvey offers several features to let you customize the way you set your policies and notify your respondents about it. Using the privacy tab you can setup following policies.

Privacy options can also be set globally for all accounts and surveys from the sytem settings page.


Enabling the GDPR will enable a link that will be displayed on each of your survey pages footer. This link will open a dialog that will show to the respondent your GDRP policy.

🔅 GDRP properties

  • Popup link label label of the link that will be displayed on the survey footer.

  • Popup title title displayed in the header of the policy dialog window.

  • GDPR policy your company GDPR policy.

If you're collecting data from EU based respondents it is mandatory to comply with GDPR and setup a GDRP policy on your surveys that informs about the respondents rights and let them know a focal point where they can ask for access, deletion or modification of their personal collected data.

Enabling cookie consent will display a banner on the bottom of the respondent's browser that will let him display your company cookies policy in a dialog window. You may check out the privacy checklist to see the information ngSurvey sets on the respondent browser.

  • Banner text text that will be displayed in the footer's banner.

  • Popup title title displayed in the header of the cookie consent dialog window.

  • Consent policy your company cookie consent policy.

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