File Upload

The file upload answer type allows the respondent to send over files from his device. Once these files were saved with the respondents answers you may manage all the files using the file manager or using your Google drive.

All uploaded files by the respondent can be securely encrypted inside the database depending on the data classification that you have setup for the file upload answer.

🔅 File upload properties

You may manage all file upload properties from the answer properties of your file upload answer.

  • Max. file upload number maximum number of files that the respondent can upload.

  • Max. file size maximum size allowed file for the file.

  • File type filterrestricts the type of files that the respondent can upload.

  • Save a copy to Google Drivesaves the uploaded file to one of your Google Driver folder provided that you have linked a Google Service account to your ngSurvey account.

The file type filter uses mime type specifications to filter out the content. You may check following list of mime types that you can use to filter out content. If you would like to filter out multiple types of content you can do so by separating each mime type by a ; char

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