The JSON data / REST answer type allows you create a list based on a remote HTTP endpoint returning JSON formatted object.

The format of the returned JSON must an array of objects with name and value properties as shown in the short sample below.

        "name": "Alabama",
        "value": "AL"
        "name": "Alaska",
        "value": "AK"
        "name": "American Samoa",
        "value": "AS"

The name being the text displayed to the respondent in the list and the value being the actual value saved with the respondent answers.

🔅 JSON lists properties

  • Type name display name of the list.

  • Layout defines how the list will be rendered either as a dropdown list or as autocomplete field that will filter the list based on the respondent entry.

  • JSON Data url http url of the endpoint returning the JSON list array eg: http://yourrestapiserver/jsonfile.json

  • Database connection string connection string to your SQL Server database.

  • SQL query Actual query that will be execute to retrieve the list items. You may also add parameters to generate dynamic queries.

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