⏱️What is a timer ?

Using the the timer features you can restrict the amount of time a respondent has to finish the survey and set a time out in seconds after which the respondent's survey will automatically be submitted. This feature can be very handy if you want to create quiz or tests where time should be restricted.

🚀 How to activate the timer ?

Timing can be activated from your survey properties page by setting the response time limit option

Once activated each respondents will be able to see the time they have left at the bottom of the survey.

💾 Persisting time left

By default the timer will be reset to its original time if the respondent reload the page in its browser. You can however set the settings to save the actual time that is left this way even if the respondents leaves the page and comes back it will calculate back the actual time that is left based on when the survey was first started.

To save the time left you have to activate the save progress options from the sessions tab, if you don't want to allow the respondent to save his session you may hide the save progress button.

If you have activated a security item as key provider the time left will be associated with the current respondent restored by that security item. If you have set for example the invitation code security item as a key provider time left will be saved based on the invited email that is taking the survey.

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