🔐 What are tokens ?

Token are pre-generated unique values that can be used by respondents to access the survey. These tokens can be automatically generated using the token generator or you can create or import your own set of token values.

Once a token has been used by the respondent ngSurvey will link that token to the respondent responses to let you track down in the respondent reports the respondents based on the token they used.

As tokens are just text values you can easily distribute them to your respondents using any kind of electronic or non-electronic way from standard mail to phones or emails.

Each token can only be used one time by a respondent.

🔅 Tokens security properties

  • Token source variable name is the browser querystring variable that holds the token value when you want that the token security item retrieves automatically the token from the browser's querystring.

  • Allow access to valid tokens only open the survey to respondent who don't have any tokens. If this option is enabled respondent without token will be able to take the survey several times while respondent with a valid token will only be able to submit once their answers.

  • Hide login screen if no valid token has been found dont show to the respondent the user interface to enter the token.

This security item can be used as a key provider.

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