WhatsApp Conversations

Using the WhatsApp conversation you can send your survey to WhatsApp users using the ngSurvey WhatsApp distribution features.

In order to use WhatsApp conversation you will need to own a Twilio account along a verified Business Facebook account. You may check our Twilio or Unifonic documentation to configure your ngSurvey account or on-premise setup to work with your existing Twilio or Unifonic account.

🕔 The customer 24h care window

Due to WhatsApp policies its not possible to send out any kind of message to your respondents.

At first only an approved message can be send out to your respondent, once your respondent replies it opens a 24h window where you can send any kind of message to him, each time a respondent answers back WhatsApp extends again that 24h window.

If the 24h expires without any new message from the respondent you will only be able to send back an approved message to the respondent.

Due to previous restrictions the "invitation message" that you will send to the respondent will always be handled by ngSurvey as a consent question and ngSurvey will expect an answer to it.

The text of your invitation message can be anything you want as long as its an approved message however ngSurvey will always except for the first interaction to receive an answer 1, 2, 3, Yes, No or Unsubscribe.

Message templates approbation can be achieved using your Twilio WhatsApp console.

📄 Approved message templates

WhatsApp allows only approved message templates to be sent as the first message asking the respondent to open a 24h chat session. These approved messages can contain dynamic content like panel attributes values however you need to format the approved template in following way. WhatsApp approved message with one parameter example

Hi {1},

Would you like to share your opinion with us ?

1 - Yes 2 - No 3 - Unsubscribe

ngSurvey invitation message that will pipe the panelist firstname in the message.

Hi ++firstname++,

Would you like to share your opinion with us ?

1 - Yes 2 - No 3 - Unsubscribe

Do not use the WhatsApp parameter format eg : {1}, {2} etc.. in ngSurvey but replace these parameters in your ngSurvey invitations by their actual ngSurvey value or pipe alias.

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