Rich Attributes

Using rich attributes you can further enhance the respondent experience and add custom features to your existing HTML code

Using the modal popup attributes you can configure any of your html element to open a modal pop window on top of your survey. This modal pop up window can be configured to load as well an iframe.

To setup the modal pop attributes click on the source tab of your rich text editor and add following attributes to the HTML tag that will be used to open the modal window

  • data-dialog-link let you define the target website URL that will be opened in your modal popup IFrame.

  • data-dialog-title let you set a title for the pop up. Optional.

  • data-dialog-width let you set the width of the window. Optional.

  • data-dialog-button let you change the button text of the popup window. Optional.

Here an example of link that will be used to open a popup window showing the content of the website specified by the data-dialog-link attribute value.

Rich attributes are currently only supported within question text content.

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