Active Directory Settings

The Active Directory settings allows you to setup an Active Directory server that will be used globally by ngSurvey to let Active Directory users log into ngSurvey using their Active Directory credentials.

🔅 Active Directory properties

  • Directory path that will be used to send out email messages. Active Directory LDAP path that will be used to connect to the Active Directory server. eg: LDAP://ADServer

  • Domain Domain of your Active Directory users.

  • Search filter Search filter that is used to search filter when adding new Active Directory users manually from the users management interface.

  • Username Username that can access the Active Directory server with enough rights to query any user.

  • Password Password of the user who has access to the Active Directory server.

  • Single signon Tries to use existing credentials entered by the user in the browser. If no credentials can be found or can be used user can still enter the administration section by entering manually his credentials in a web based form.

  • Automatic access to new users If you are dealing with a lot of users you may want to avoid having to add manually each Active Directory user from the user management interface. If automatic access is enabled ngSurvey will automatically let any successfully authorized Active Directory users access the administration section. Note that you may use the auto link option of the Roles to automatically add a role to each new Active Directory user.

Active Directory works only when ngSurvey is setup under a Windows Server based configuration

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